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composition than it is mine. He knows nothing
of natural history, &c., and is no more than a
mere tireur d'oiseaux. He had made no notes,
but dictated what he could remember or invent
to one Varon, a faiseur here, who cooked up a
book for him. When he ran away to Holland,
M. Tersinck employed him by sending him to
the Cape to collect birds for him.

The French Ministry have Lord Malmesbury's
letters and notes translated and published regularly
in the public journals. In his correspondence with
La Croix,1 the latter does not appear to advantage,
for his notes are peevish and childish. If they do
no better I shall begin to think men may overturn
a government and conquer countries without being
capable of acting wisely in quiet times and con-
ducting business with their equals.

November i6th.

I was last night at the Theatre de la Rue
Feydeau, where the Comedie Frangaise is now

i J. P. de la Croix, born in 1754, and originally bred
to the bar. He was a man of undoubted abilities. Having
embraced the popular cause, he rose from place to place
to that of minister for foreign affairs. He was one of those
most hostile to the royal family, voted the King's death,
and in his turn was guillotined with Danton on the 8th
April, 1794.